What goes down…must come up..ugh!

Yeah, I had a major gain this week. Part my fault and the other part I blame on being a woman! I weigh in on Wednesdays and really have a hard time being in LA on Tuesday nights especially because my friends (and I) want to enjoy a cocktail (or 2) and go out for dinner. This time it was Mexican food (chips) and 3 drinks. I woke up Wednesday morning to cramps. Yup! If you’ve been following me…then you know I ALWAYS go up the weigh in before.  I started my conversation with my husband like this…”honey, maybe I should wait on those Nikes” “No
Mama Bear, you deserve them” YAY, I’ll be ordering them on Sunday!  So yes, I have some work to do this week, LOTS of work! I started school on Monday…Business Communications is great, Applied Calculus…not soo much. Let’s just say I’ll be at home all day on Sunday doing…you know it! Although I did ask my husband if we could at least go out for dinner on Sunday… I mean I do need something to look forward to! I’m keeping up with my workouts, I’m at the point, mentally, where I need to sweat everyday to have a great day! Do you know what I’m talking about?

I did have great breakthrough! Last Friday, I stepped on the treadmill…not sure what came over me, maybe the running gods, but I ran 1 mile…without stopping! I’m going to build up to a 5k…there I said it, NOW I have to do it! Yet another thing I need to do in the 4 months! Is it me, or do I just love challenging myself so much that I keep adding things to my “I’m gonna get it done” list.  Do you do the same thing? I love the pressure but love the satisfaction that I can do it all! www.facebook/latinabarbi.com



5 thoughts on “What goes down…must come up..ugh!

  1. Unfortunately, it’s bound to happen sometimes. As perfect (OK, not perfect since I don’t always complete my daily recommended healthy guidelines) as I was, I was still up 1.2. Sorry, but I don’t care if I get 2 milks in a day. I can get calcium from my veggies. I’m sure we’ll see a good number this week, Latina Barbi! Are you going to start Sat AM mtgs this week? We’ll miss you!!


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