4 months!

This post isn’t about my WW journey..however, it will be impacted, I can feel it. This is about a 37 yr old who still needs 4 classes before she can transfer to CSUSM as a Junior. I’m starting school on Monday..taking 2 online classes..Business Communications and Applied Calculus…yeah, I’m thinking the same thing as you are! Why would she take those 2 classes together? Well, I like a challenge, I like to think that there is light at the end of the tunnel and for me that would be Dec 17 – my final. I just got my Calculus book and started to review the first 2 chapters – ALGEBRA! Can anyone explain to me what a  function is? Looks like I’ll be spending some time it the MathLab. I’m a little concerned that for the next 4 months I’ll be living under a rock ONLY to come out to workout and eat.  I know I can get through this…4 months, right? Oh, What else have I done in 4 months? I lost 20 lbs..20 lbs? Maybe this means by the time I take my final I’ll be at 52 lbs lighter? Now, 4 months isn’t looking so bad afterall! Okay, school vent out of the way…wish me luck and if you know ANYTHING about Calculus..PLEASE feel free to share!

On a great note…husband and I are big Steelers fans! Yesterday was a BIG day…we have a 70% chance of going to the AZ game on Oct 23 with my cousin and his wife! BUT just in case we wouldn’t get them we also bought tickets to the 49ers game on Dec 20…not a bad way to celebrate the end of my 4 months! So, yes we are (hopefully) going to 2 STEELERS games!

I customized my Nikes…but now I have to rethink when I’ll be working out… 6am? Ugh… do I need to say it again….4 MONTHS! Muah!


3 thoughts on “4 months!

  1. Sugar…. you will do just fine with 2 classes. You always exceed at what you put your mind too and I know you will take the challenge and run with it 9in your new Nike’s)… just take one day at a time and everything will workout great! Love you and see you soon 🙂


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