Almost half way there!

I lost 5 lbs!! I’m shocked too! I’m down 32.2 lbs and need to lose 34.8 more….almost half way there! Foe those of you whom don’t know..I hit a huge goal last week….I went shopping last week..because it’s what I enjoy doing now (sorrry Husband)…tried on a pair of jeans and was going to get them when I remembered that I had a pair of jeans in my closet and decided not to get them (you’re welcome Husband). I went home tried them on and was sooo happy..they fit! It had been about 4 years since I could even put them up! I increased my time on the treadmill which has helped me in my loss. I know, I know I keep talking about running and strength training..still have yet to start. I don’t know what’s holding me back. There’s a body pump class tomorrow..I just don’t like being sore for 4 days afterwards. I’m starting to feel a little stressed about the next 4 months..I start Business Communications and Applied Calculus on Monday…they are both online..just thinking how I will keep up with my workouts. Maybe I’ll need to get up an hour early and then start work. I know that if I start to slack..I literally turn into a raging (I’m a lady)… know what I mean. I need to remember that I can do it all and take care of myself first…. thank God Husband is self-sufficient. I know school will take some time away from us, but will need to make it up with date nights..AND it’s football season. GO STEELERS! Don’t hate me.

Oh, I hit another goal, my 30 lbs goal!!! I’m SUPPOSE to get my Nikes Frees..what do you think of them? I customized them online…look fro them on my feet in a couple weeks!

Let’s do the math..I’ve lost 32.2 lbs since Feb 15..that’s 1.5 per week..I’ll take I’m looking at 5 lb goals. Funny, when I look in the mirror I wonder…where does the weight go? Do the WW fairies come and take it away?

Do you know where the weight goes?

One more thing…I’m trying not to post to my personal page and transition to “LatinaBarbi” Facebook page…go “LIKE” me..well, that is, ONLY if you do! MUAH!


9 thoughts on “Almost half way there!

  1. Great week! You’re a perfect example of how to not sabotage after a week of gain (even a tiny one).

    Going shopping in your own closet is fun, isn’t it? Congrats on blowing past the 30 pound goal! And those shoes are sweet!


  2. Congratulations on being almost halfway there! And on the jeans. Shopping in your closet is always a great feeling.

    My nutritionist suggested taking stairs, but alternating going up one, then two, then one, etc., as a shortcut to strength training. Not a shortcut, I guess, but a way to incorporate it into a non-exercise activity. So, maybe you can start looking for more stairs and treat them like lunge opportunities so you are sneaking in a little more strength training to build up toward classes.

    Keep it up!


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