I went up..no big deal!

.6! I actually weighed in on a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday, my reason? I had dinner (Los Toros in Chatsworth) plans at the best place for chips and dip..it was no ordinary dip, this is THE bean dip that I swear has crack in it..because, yup, you know it, my arm went on automatic pilot. Was it worth it? you betcha, that and the vodka tonic and corona light I drank.. strangely enough though..I ordered a chicken fajita salad and only ate the chicken. See, even when I plan to be really bad..I still manage to be really good. Now the time to honk my horn… “te ves muy delgada” translation..”you look really thin” THIN?! wow, yup a co-worker said that to me at work today! I just love going to LA for work! Beep beep. Okay trying not to let the compliments get to my head..I actually get a little embarrassed, which is even more strange because I AM A HAM! I know, I need therapy. Anyways, now I’m 2.6 lbs away from my Nikes. Husband says I should just get them now..NOOOO!! I want, I need, to earn those bad boys. I kicked up my workouts…to one hour 1,000 calories GONE everyday. I’m on a mission and motivated to keep the pounds flying off me. Btw, here’s a picture of me eating chips last night…..See how happy I am!

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One thought on “I went up..no big deal!

  1. 0.6 is nothing. Anything less than a pound isn’t even considered a gain in my book. You look fabulous and I am so happy people are complimenting you! It’s a great feelin when others notice our progress. You are definitely doing something right! Also, I agree with you- earn those nikes, they’ll remind you every time you put them on that you don’t back down from your goals and you are successful!!!! You go girl!!!


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