What was all the fuss about?

Yeah! I was AGAIN so worried about losing .6 this time because I went up .2 last week..but I lost it and then some! I lost 1.6 lbs which brings me to 189! I haven’t been this weight since 2004, I was 30! Really? I don’t know why I was so worried…I mean..I tracked, worked out, only used like 10 of my weeklies..so what was the big deal? I always go to the trust factor of being on WW…it works, but won’t work without me. I even flipped off some pastries that were at work! I got weighed on Wed evening, so you would think that I would have already blogged about this but for some reason I didn’t. I’ve been thinking of the 28 lbs I’ve lost so far, and more importantly of the 39 lbs I still have yet to lose. It is a great feeling to know that instead of saying I have 67 lbs to reach goal, I can now say I have 39 lbs to reach goal! I’ve been receiving some great compliments…mostly you look so thin in your face..I always lose weight in my face first..now that I’m growing my hair long..I think this make my face look longer, too. I know I need to change up my workouts..I’ve been reading other blogs and everyone seems to be running….or entering their first 5k or 10k. That use to be me, I use to weigh about 170, of course that was like 10 years ago. “you use to run?” Yup! I’ve completed 4 half marathons and 2 full marathons..ahh yes back in the day! SO mentally I know I could do it..BUT physically? Why am I so scared to start? Could it be because I’m still 19 lbs heavier than when I was dare I say a “runner”. I feel like a baby taking her first steps…scared at first. UGH! Okay, maybe I should just sign up for a 5k..and then JUST DO IT! What do you think I should do? Wait to lose more or just go for it?  Has there ever been a workout that you were scared to do at first? MUAH!

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3 thoughts on “What was all the fuss about?

  1. Congratulations on another fantastic week and on saying no to the saboteurs at work!

    I’d say if you’d like to return to running “someday”, might as well get started now. It is harder to run with extra weight, but YOU CAN DO IT! 🙂 And it’ll save you some time. Walking 8 miles is a major time commitment!


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