Let your new life begin!

I’ve been driving to Los Angeles every Tuesday for work and coming home on Wednesdays. Usually I take this time to ponder about my life, weight loss, where I’ve been and where I’m going. I’ve been doing this drive for the past 3 years now and it has gotten easier and easier as the weeks go by. But this time, as I’m driving on the 5 south, I begin to notice, no, I begin to count, the LAPBAND billboards. I count 11 of them in like a 25 mile stretch.  Now mind you, these billboards have changed quite a bit since 2008. They use to be kind of “blah”, black and white, not really appealing, this company obviously didn’t have a huge budget for advertising…. However, now as the years have gone by, the ads are getting better more colorful, and now I can’t seem to get that damn song out of my mind..”Let your new life begin..call 1-800 …you know the rest!” I guess more people are getting the lapband and now the company can afford to invest more in their ads. Anyways, the billboards have pictures of people whom have lost 80 lbs to 120 lbs… but they only show what the people look like NOW, no BEFORE pictures are shown.

Ok, I finally arrived at my topic…as you begin to lose weight, people may ask you the following questions:

“Wow, you look great!”

“Where do you get your energy from?”

“You are so thin!”

“There’s something different about you, have you lost weight?”

“You’re always in a good mood”

Now of course your response will be.. “Thank you, I’ve lost XX amount of weight”

Now look at their face of disbelief….”What? no, I can’t imagine you weighing XX amount”, “Really, you use to be that much” OR “I can’t believe it!”

AND then…in all your glory, out comes your before picture! I think I’ll carry this picture with me…what about you?  MUAH!


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