If I had to choose..

to go up, it would be to only go up .2.  AND I DID!! Yeah, here I was looking for a .4 loss and went the other way. I usually don’t blame HOWEVER, this time I will..but only on 2 things: 1. Last week I weighed in on a Thursday morning, whereas my usual weigh in is on Wed night. 2. Let’s just say my monthly Auntie is on her way to visit me…ugh! The great news, I know I’ll be out of my 190’s next Wed. WOO HOO! I did get to celebrate with my WW peeps from my Wed meeting and got my 25 lb washer. A washer? Yeah, I know, but the meaning behind it is so monumental. I mean, this is the lowest I’ve weighed in 6, maybe 7 years AND, let’s all remember that I wore a short dress on Saturday night. So there, SCALE! So at my meeting, I was asked what I attribute my weight loss to…so here’s my list (not in any particular order):

1. Tracking

2. Exercise

3. Family and friend support

4. Your support –  I don’t want to let you down!

5. Making wise food choices, especially at restaurants

6. Compliments..keep them coming!

7. Liking what I see in the mirror

8. If I fall a step, I take 2 steps forward.

I’m asking you….what keeps you going and on track?



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