Short Dress…

I did it! I finally wore a short dress Saturday night..I’m SLOWLY overcoming my insecurity about wearing dresses, not the maxi ones, the short ones. I’ve always had this thing about my calves, that they are HUGE and I have a vein in the front of my left leg that is hideous…that was a result of standing on my feet when I was younger and weighed 238.  I use Jergens sunless tanning lotion about 3 days before I wear my anything short. It works, unless it has been tricking me into thinking no one can see my vein. I felt pretty and dare I say girlie again. As the scale goes down, my insecurities are going away. So, if you have any insecurities and are losing weight, just wait…. you will overcome! What are you insecure about?

I had a great weekend…I took Friday off and hung out with a Comic Con widow…we went for a 5 mile walk and got pedis. Saturday, we went for a walk at Seaport Village and hung out at the pool. My friend is a lifetime WW, and we have sooo much in common..she understands why I didn’t want to go out to eat lunch and would rather make a 5 point lunch at home. We even split breakfast on Saturday! Love her!  And then our husbands joined us for dinner, hence the dress!

I’m super excited about tomorrow..I’m going back to school and registration is tomorrow. I have about 4 classes til I can transfer to CSUSM. Wish me luck, I’m hoping to take Business Communications and Psychology online. However, if Psychology is full then Calculus here I come! UGH!



9 thoughts on “Short Dress…

  1. Wow, what an inspiration. I’m just starting my weight loss journey~ and pray I can be diligent and stick with it… I had my first baby in January and the weight hasn’t been coming off with the breastfeeding as I was told it would~ I feel like the movie Shallow Hal. I see myself differently then what reality is and when I see pictures of myself…I’m shocked and get so discouraged. I want to lose this weight not only to be back in my pre-baby clothes but to be healthy for my baby ~ I love reading your post!  Thanks for sharing your journey! You look great!!


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