Worked hard….

….and it paid off!! I was so stressed about losing .4 lbs this week because I wanted to reach 25 lbs…well, well, well, I stepped on the scale and I lost 2. 2! Okay I need to reflect…I’m doing great on WW, and yet this week I had a slight feeling of anxiety, you can also call it pressure, to lose the .4lbs.  You can call me weird, it wouldn’t be the first time. But alas, I persevered and it showed! I weigh less today than I did on my wedding day. I had a huge breakthrough this week… I not only bought a few dresses, but I actually wore one to work (picture below) and I’ll be wearing one to dinner on Saturday. I’ve been reading Kenlie is awesome, she has inspired me to dress for the hotness I am now! Thank you Kenlie! In these posts… and I wrote about the things I’m looking forward to… well…let’s just say that I went to Forever 37 (okay 21), and headed right for the plus size department, found a maxi dress…OMG!! It was way too big! I had to go to the normal size area and picked out a dress… a large…OMG, again….”Do you have a smaller size in this?” there I said it! With my head held high, I went to Charlotte Russe, ya, I know, I said Charlotte Russe, tried on a short large dress, it fit 🙂 Wait, did I just go into a store and find something that the rack! I’m on a roll… I bought some nice pants about 3 months ago..can’t even wear them anymore!

Not bad….I’ve hit 4 goals..and I’m 3.2 lbs away from my Nike’s…hope husband has been saving up for those..I mean really. he’s had plenty of time!

  • Shopping and having to ask “do you have this in a smaller size?”
  • Going to a clothing rack and finding my size.
  • My “bigger” clothes being way too big
  • Wearing shorts, skirts, heck anything that shows my legs

Have you hit any mini goals? Which ones?


7 thoughts on “Worked hard….

  1. Congrats…so happy for you! Had to hear the news from your dad…just saw him at my Target! Have to get on track myself. 🙂


  2. OMG!!! Wow! Wow! Wow! You look FABULOUS!!!! congrats on hitting the 25 lb mark! You are incredible! Thank you for being such an inspiration to me!


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