Woman Down!

I fought tooth and nail …through the rugged terrain….all odds against me…..but I prevailed…. I LOST 2.8 lbs this past week! Can I get an Amen! I had an awesome week..I also realized that I had a different workout every single day…it paid off…

Thursday – Spin

Friday –  Zumba

Saturday –  5 mile walk

Sunday – 15% incline @ 3.5 treadmill

Monday – see Sunday, PLUS Latin Ballroom

Tuesday  – walked 8 miles!

Wednesday  – upper body bootcamp / boxing (still sore)

I’m telling you ..I am on a “nonstop til you reach the top” roll! I stayed within my points even had some extra on the weekend. I’ve had the best couple of days, I received quite a few compliments at work this week….I love going into the office twice a week. Husband is taking me shopping Saturday. I really only need a couple dresses… dresses??? I need to start self tanning them..I have this thing about my legs..they are huge..I’ve never worn shorts, skirts, nothing below the knee. However, I’m slowly starting to get over this..not like everyone will look at my legs..hey how much staring can I person do, anyways? One more thing…I never once stepped on my home scale.

BTW, I’m .4 lbs away from hitting 25 lbs! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…Weight Watchers works. MUAH!


Have you tried a different workout lately?


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