Fashionista? NOT!

First off, Husband and I had the best weekend! Due to my schedule being crazy last month and family gatherings, husband and I haven’t really had some good quality time together. Saturday, we went to the Pacific Beach Ale House, I wanted to just veg outside with a beer..and so we did…2 beers in fact! I think we had every intention to go to another bar, but our age got the best of us and we were home by 10:30…When did I get old? My husband wanted to go out for breakfast on Sunday, but the thought of paying $10 for my egg white omelet just didn’t make sense. We started with watching “Horrible Bosses” fun movie…then off to OLD NAVY….ugh, I couldn’t find anything….CORRECTION….I didn’t even know what I was looking for! I gave up and off to Bruski we went to have lunch…veggie panini and one beer, BTW, I’m use to drinking the 55 calorie beer,  so I was really feeling it after having one micro pilsner beer with 5.2% alcohol. WOW…I started to get a headache. Okay so after lunch, I was still in search for something new…off to Kohl’s…UGH… what to try on! After 15 min, we were off to Target, God bless my husband, still found nothing!   I seriously don’t know how to shop! I’m a simple gal…basic boring solids.  I don’t consider myself boring. I’ve just never learned how to put an outfit together! HELP! So I told husband I’m going to wait to lose 10 more lbs before I try to shop again!

Is there a certain outfit that you can’t wait to wear?


3 thoughts on “Fashionista? NOT!

  1. I have very little fashion sense myself. I have taken to thinking about a friend of mine who always looks really cute. I find something and then think, “Hmm, would A wear this?” I totally hit the jackpot the other day. I was showing her a dress I bought and she said she wanted to go and buy the same thing…lol. I am sure you will find things that you love and will rock them out soon!


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