Saturday…fun day!

I’m starting this beautiful morning off with a 5 mile walk with another fellow blogger, I’ve been doing awesome the past 2 days…tracking, working out, even went back to spin on Thursday morning. I’ve been temped to eat a little mor eat night, but I stayed away. AND, I’ve managed to NOT weigh myself at home..I went back to basics and will just have to trust that the work I’m putting in will show on Wed…I mean really, Weight Watchers does work! I might be playing teeter totter with 195, I’m okay with that. I did get the ultimate compliment yesterday…there was a girl whom I haven’t seen in Zumba for about 3 months… follow me on this re-enactment….she walked right in the front door…. I’m just standing there stretching….”OMG , look how great you look, you’ve lost soo much weight!” I, turn around, matrix style… “Was she saying that to me?”…then she came up to me and said “Wow, how much have you lost and what are you doing?” I LOVE THAT QUESTION!! I USE to be the girl asking that question. So, now I make a toast to the 195’s….because it only took me losing 22 lbs to get the compliment that makes me want to go shopping..Old Navy here I come!

BREAKING NEWS——- Latina Barbi was spotted wearing a tank top on Thursday while walking Mira Mar lake!

What compliments have you received that made you feel like a million bucks?



4 thoughts on “Saturday…fun day!

  1. Its such a great feeling to have others notice your hard work! You are kicking butt and taking names! Keep up the good work. P.S. I didn’t get that shred work out in. 😦 Today is a new day though.


  2. Last week I was at an event and someone who hadn’t seen me in over 6 months said, “Look at you! You look so fit!” The last time this person saw me I was definitely close to 20 pounds heavier, so it felt good to know that someone had noticed.


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