Nope, no fireworks..

Ugh…when will I get out of the 195’s???? I went up .2, I know that’s not alot…. BUT STILL!! Okay, yes it wasn’t bad considering I didn’t track nor did I workout everyday. We had family over..and boy do my in-laws know how to cook! Let’s just say that when we got back from playing volleyball..there was the MOST insane bean and chorizo dip waiting for me, I mean us! You know how it is when you have family over…EAT, EAT and then EAT a little more! I think I need to buy a pedometer this weekend. There’s just something about numbers that I need to keep track. Steps, calories, weight, age, days til payday, current size…see, everything revolves around numbers. I can tell you this though, I got 2 compliments today at work, one had the word “skinny” in it…YEAH, I know! Hmmmm. maybe I should go into work more often. 🙂 I have nothing going on this week, so I have no excuses! Track and working out are on my mind, speaking of which.. I’ll be spinning tomorrow at 5:45am… you read that right.

You know come to think of it… .2 isn’t so bad at all….MUAH!


7 thoughts on “Nope, no fireworks..

  1. No… .2 is NOT bad for a holiday weekend! I think it’s good, actually. I’m still trying to get motivated so you’re way ahead of me and this cold is not helping. I’ll be dreaming when you’re spinning…have fun!


  2. We are going to walk our butts off this weekend! Sounds like you had a good weekend. I would have been right there with you had I not weighed in Monday morning before all the gorging.


  3. I will be happy if I go to my weigh-in on Saturday and only have gained 0.2. Man, it’s been a rough week and I have been tracking and exercising but I ate out a few times and you know how it goes…

    I think you look great and I love the pictures you have put up on the life pics page- you look so different from start to finish! Good luck with your spin class, I will be up early getting in a 3 mile walk before work so I will be right there with you! I feel your pain sister! 😉


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