Things I’m looking forward to..

  • Shopping and having to ask “do you have this in a smaller size?”
  • Going to a clothing rack and finding my size.
  • Being able to run 5 miles without stopping
  • Sitting in a an airplane seat or movie theater seat without touching the sides
  • Crossing my legs…and staying there!
  • My “bigger” clothes being way too big
  • Wearing shorts, skirts, heck anything that shows my legs
  • Reaching Lifetime and being asked to be a WW leader
  • AND…all time favorite….NEVER having to hear “She’s so pretty, but…”

What are you looking forward to?


One thought on “Things I’m looking forward to..

  1. All of the above plus:

    shopping at stores that only carry regular size clothes

    being able to race alongside my husband

    weighing less than my husband


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