Even number!

I always try to look at the bright side of things..hence my logic at only losing .4 last week, I have now lost an even number…22 lbs! I really thought I was going to lose more, however it probably didn’t help that my gf and I ate a chicken salad and had a whole bottle of wine Tuesday night. At least it was good! It’s funny, whenever I sit down to blog I find myself trying to find something to say,  I think I need a tape recorder so I don’t forget what I want to write about.  All these things pop into my head and I never write them down! However, I did just my treadmill workout and in came another thought…

Picture this….you’re on the treadmill, or whatever exercise equipment you’re on…. you originally set out to do a certain time..today was 30 minutes for me because I know I can burn 500 calories. You’re watching the time and calories go up, the time says 29:40…YAY almost time to get off….BUT THEN…you see the time go to 30:06…..32:00…”Wait, only 4 more minutes and I can burn another 100 calories?”  I wanted to do one thing, and I  ended up doing more…. am I crazy? I didn’t even feel like getting on the treadmill in the first place! Ahh, yes, I do remember, Lady Gaga’s Lucas was playing and that my friend, made me forget to stop! I wish I could tell you that I had an epiphany and the clouds parted…What makes you go that extra mile, extra time or burn more calories?

Wow, maybe I need to blog more…you know get more off my chest..I’ve never been known to NOT have anything to say… and this case, write. MUAH!


3 thoughts on “Even number!

  1. Yay! Congrats on your loss and your nice, even whole number!

    It is funny how we are at the point now where we have seen the results of our hard work and want to continue to keep pushing because we like how we feel and because we know we have to in order to improve. For me, I find that improvement pushes me. Like if I am trying to walk a certain distance faster or try complete an exercise I hadn’t previously been able to do- that is what pushes me.


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