Enough already!

Just got back yesterday from Las Vegas!! DONE, no mas! I want to stay home..well, that is AFTER I get from my lil Palm Springs trip 😉 Yup I finally get a mini vacay with my BFF….a well-deserved one, I might add. Got my spray tan last night and other than looking a tad orange, I can actually pass for being the Latina girl that I am!  Yeah I’m sure you’re all wondering how I did eating wise…ummmm…..UMMMMM…I did okay. I’m realizing that regardless if there is food around, that doesn’t mean I have to eat it, right? I went WW last night, but alas, it wasn’t open. I weighed myself this morning, but NOT going to report it because I know my scale is not calibrated the same as the one at my meetings. I went out for dinner with the Husband, and made a good choice of tuna ahi with a seaweed salad, of course I was hungry about 2hrs later, but that was okay considering I haven’t felt that way in while. I’m going to do cardio today and make dinner for the Husband and my dad…yummy..steak and brocilini. I was thinking the other day why I am going slower on WW this last time than other times… I figured it out…. my husband constantly tells me that he loves me no matter what I look like, I mean he did meet and marry me at this weight. However, knowing that makes me feel like I’m in no rush to take the weight off.. SO I have to remember that I have ulterior motives to lose weight. My goals… be a size 8, okay I’ll take being a size 10, I want to be a WW leader, and eventually would like to start running again, who knows maybe I can even teach ZUMBA! I know these are in the future for me, but right now I’m still working towards my 30 lb loss so I can get my Nikes! I’m DONE. I need to get back on track and start living my life with the new things I have learned.   I have goals, do you?  You know, YOU ARE THE ONLY person I know whom can achieve them!  MUAH!!


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