I’m a traveling woman…

…been alot of places…and 2 more mini trips! Off to Las Vegas today and Palm Springs Saturday.  Okay, let’s talk this through, I’m leaving at 2pm, SO I can at least have breakfast and lunch at home, only dinner out. Tomorrow, all 3 meals at the hotel, Thursday breakfast at the hotel. Wait a minute back up…Wed at a hotel? Didn’t we just go through this 2 weeks ago?   Okay, I will mentally prepare for Wed… load up my plate with fruit and eggs, lunch – more fruit and salad, and dinner – more salad….and NO ALCOHOL, I said I will try. I’ve had some challenges this past weekend, more like night-time. I have incorporated strength training this week and did Zumba last night. I’m planning on weighing in on Thursday when I get back. I can’t do the every 2 week thing, just doesn’t work for me, right now.  Plus, I’m off to Palm Springs for the weekend and will be wearing a bathing suit…AHHH yes, bathing suit. I remember growing up I would always wear a shirt over my bathing suit. As I got older, well rather after I lost my first 70 lbs about 13 years ago, I slowly made my way outside during the summer, considering I do not wear shorts. LEGS, whole other topic there.  Anyways, I don’t know if I was starting to feel more comfortable with my body or was getting older and not giving caring anymore. I still won’t wear shorts yet have no problem with a bathing suit….EXCEPT, now I make sure I get spray tanned BEFORE.. yup I already have my appt set up for 7pm on Thursday. We all know fat looks better tanned! LOL! Okay I better go pack!  MUAH!


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