I’m back…

… but not for long…headed to Las Vegas Tuesday til Thursday…HOWEVER, I will be weighing in Thursday night. Mentally, I need to remember that I need to weigh in EVERY week, not that I have 2 weeks to play and let go ALOT which is what I’ve been doing. I did have a gain from the last weeks of 2.8. Not happy, but not disappointed either. Just got busy and old habits crept in.  I didn’t workout as much as I intended. Whether I blame, traveling, not tracking , overeating, not working out, or simply needed to rest to come back with a vengeance.  I figure if I slip every 20 lbs and 4 months then that would lead to a 60lb weight loss in one year! 😉 So I’m ready to attack the next 20 lbs! I mean REALLY!! I still want my Nikes! Okay Heart to heart time…I need to figure out why I eat when I do…more importantly, keep my motivation UP when I feel a little slip up here and there. I did the Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred workout on Tuesday and am still sore, BUT I feel stronger! I need to dig deep inside me and keep my goals ALIVE! HELP? I think it’s time to buy an odometer..ahhh maybe that was it I never did reward myself with a gift for my 10% loss…I had a bigger goal of Nikes at 30 lb loss. Yup, time to treat myself to an odometer INSTEAD of food..see?? It all just”clicked”. Old habits never die, HOWEVER they can be rerouted! MUAH!


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