Home is where my stomach needs to be…

That’s exactly how I would describe my week! You all know that I was in a hotel, from Tuesday to Friday then to my gf’s house in Daytona Beach. Seriously, my eating went from buffets to protein shakes overnight! I got to Daytona Beach on Friday and did a Zumba class that night. Saturday, I did Zumba in the morning, and then helped my friend lay down a dance floor for later that night. I’m sure I did something in between just can’t remember right now I think the humidity got to me. At night, we had a Zumba party and Latin Ballroom dance….FUN!! Had to break down the floor and reset the table at the Elks lodge. Left there, and then headed back to my friends dance studio to setup for the morning FreeStyler and Zumba class. Yup, I laid my head on my pillow at went mimi….at midnight. Sunday morning, Zumba class then away I went, back to Orlando airport. Can I tell you that the ONLY thing I like about Florida is that my wavy hair dries beautifully. Now the REAL fun begins….we were about 20 minutes away from El Paso, mind you in the air, when rows 5-9 heard a POP under our feet, it was only 5 minutes after that that the Capitan announced that an alarm was going off reporting there was a fire in the cargo!!!! WE WERE IN THE AIR!!! We didn’t even land for another 20 minutes….the fire trucks and HAZMAT were waiting for us! You know, the guys in the silver outfits from the movie, E.T. Anyways, I was going to miss my connecting flight in Phoenix, so I was diverted to Las Vegas. That put me in San Diego at 11pm. Did I mention I was suppose to arrive in SD at 7:05 right in time for Husband to take my dinner at Miguel’s! Okay back to the WW part, well at least I still fit in my fitted cargo pants. As I sit here in the airport, I’m on my second Bud Light, I deserve it, right? One more trip to go….Las Vegas next week! MUAH!


4 thoughts on “Home is where my stomach needs to be…

  1. Glad you made it back safely. That must have been pretty scarey.

    Your vacation seemed pretty intense with all of those classes. If I were in your shoes, I would need a vacation from my vacation. 😉


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