Home is where my stomach is…

So, I’ve been out of state since Tuesday and between staying in a hotel and visiting my gf..IT’S BEEN TOUGH! I have no been tracking nor eating the healthy way that I should…Shame on me..but not like I travel this much all the time.  Sometimes we can’t help our environment, yet I know I should be able to control myself in ANY environment. Looking forward to going home and eating my egg whites with fruit for breakfast. I’m feeling bloated, hence THAT time of the month. I am drinking ALOT of water though. I’ll be dancing alot today and living on protein shakes, because that’s all my gf lives on…heading home tomorrow to the Husband. Can’t wait to see him. Btw, I’m in Daytona Beach..HUMID. What’s a San Diegan girl doing in a place like this? Get me out of here!! MUAH!


2 thoughts on “Home is where my stomach is…

  1. It’s just too crazy that the only two people I know in San Diego are both in the same city at the same time on vacation. Jakennicksmomma and I met in daytona beach- that’s where we went to college. So crazy!


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