2 weeks gone….

so fast! Okay here’s the lowdown… I missed weigh-in last Wed..I did step on the scale and was up like 4 lbs. UGH! I mean, I can actually tell you what meals I ate that caused that scale to go up. Can’t we all? OH yes, it must have been that WHOLE basket of chips with guacamole or how about…. those drinks I had. I was in LA last week..I thought I did great, but without tracking, I have no proof. REMEMBER THAT!! I have no proof that I tracked yet I have ALL the evidence that I didn’t track… AHHH that’s a good one….feel free to use..you have my permission. LOL!! I did a lot of unlearning and learning these past 2 weeks. I did realize that just because I hit my 10% doesn’t mean I’m done.. I need to do that 2 more times!! Came off the celebratory train and right back to work I go! I’ve been reading alot of other blogs and learned about FitBloggin, this is where bloggers come together, meet each other and inspire to be better… everyone seemed to have such a great time!
I won’t be weighing in next Wed as I will be in Orlando..BUT I do promise myself (and you) that I will be tracking and working out. In fact, I already checked out the gym at my hotel. Can you say… NO REPEATS…of last time. Okay where was I? Ah yes, so I did lose the 4 lbs and stayed exactly the same! YAY! I’m increasing my water intake and will prepare by bringing healthy snacks on my trip! Oh btw, I started posting videos on youtube… my channel? what else? LatinaBarbi….MUAH!


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