Have you ever?

Felt like you were going through the motion of tracking, working out , or just not actively trying to lose weight? I don’t know… it’s like after I got my 10 percent keychain, I went on auto-pilot. I mean, I track, I do my treadmill workout, but not really making a conscious effort. I’m borderline feeling like I hit such a milestone, that my body is like “okay, what’s next?” I’ve been blogging about stepping it up, like I’ve been ready emotionally , but now I feel like my body is craving something new. BUT WHAT??? I don’t know….guess it’s time to change things up a bit. I’ve been wanting to run/walk Lake Miramar, it’s 5 miles around…BUT everytime I think about it, I end up on the treadmill!! UGH!! Okay so I’m sitting here in my hotel room and looks like I’ll be up here for the next couple of days, I did workout today and plan to for the next 2 days…had seared tuna tonight. We’re shooting a DVD, that means there will be craft services at the studio ALL DAY..I just hope to God there will be fruit there!! Hey guys, I can really use some words to get my over this speed bump!! MUAH!


6 thoughts on “Have you ever?

  1. 10 per cent off you is doing AWESOME! You can’t tell, but I totally just high fived you.

    5 miles is a great circuit plus you get the bonus of fresh air too which in my mind makes it easier :-).

    Also, I dont know how this would work for other people but every time they bring around the delightfully and deceptively bite-sized craft service food, I like to think “This has palm-oil in, and is responsible for the death of cute little endangered baby orangutans”. Whether or not this is true is beside the point, but the guilt thing totally helps direct me to the fruit when usual ‘DONT EAT THAT’ mind-trigger-things are failing.

    You are so inspirational, I LOVE it, keep it up!


  2. I think you are right, it is definitely time to switch things up. I do it all the time and it helps keep things fun and interesting. I am a big fan of groupon and living social and am always buying vouchers to try new things. I just got one that was for 10 classes of Bikram Yoga which I am thrilled to try out. Personally, I prefer walking outside because I like being out in nature- I think that the walk around Lake Miramar is a great idea. Maybe you can recruit a friend to join you. Also, maybe try out some new recipes at home for some variety in your meals. Definitely keep pushing yourself because you deserve to acheive all of your goals. You can do it!


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