10% off of me!

I FINALLY reached my 10% last night!! I fought hard…I worked out…tracked….watched what I ate and even chose to do my treadmill workout over Zumba. I have to come clean though..I had to take my bra off. Don’t judge me..we’ve all been there!! LOL!! I was within .2 then I took my bra off and list .4 more. Yeah, looks like that wire in bra weighs .4lbs! I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous…I went out Thursday and Friday night. I had family over on the weekend. I adapted my week… instead of drinking regular beer, I picked up the 55 calorie Bud, I stood in the kitchen on Saturday, so that I wouldn’t sit down and start eating the appetizers. Also, Thursday I made sure I ate BEFORE I went out. Sunday, we all went out for breakfast, I ordered an egg white omelet and fruit on the side instead of potatoes. Little by little, I have been making WISE choices or should I say changes in my life to insure that I am successful. Learning along the way, and making exercise an everyday thing. I’m happy to say that I am 8.8 lbs away from my NIKES! AND… remember I went shopping a couple of weeks ago, well I bought a great pair of pants ANDDDD now they are too big! What to do? What to do? Next goal 15%!!! 5% at a time…. Oh by the way..I started Video blogging on youtube… my channel is latinabarbi.. MUAH!!


6 thoughts on “10% off of me!

  1. So excited for you! I saw on the map where the RB mtg is so I’m starting to get prepared! I myself had to take clothing off once to reach a goal…can’t remember which goal but because I had my sports bra on, she told me to take off my shirt and it did the trick! You’d think my clothes not fitting would make me get back quicker but I’m trying to adjust to my new life as working mom of two now so hopefully, I’ll be joining you soon. 🙂


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