Right around the corner…

I can see it coming straight ahead…what do I see? My 10% goal!! I’m only 1.4 lbs away! I can smell it! I can taste it! I couldn’t wait to get on the scale yesterday! I really only wanted to lose .4, but hey 3lbs. I’ll take it! Seriously, I almost cried..I was sooo happy and excited! Not only for the number I saw, but the fact that I was eating like a normal person, enjoying life, living life and yet have managed to track everyday and make healthy choices. NO SWEAT! I did have a challenge on Sunday, we had our monthly family day, which always includes eating and drinking, this month PIZZA… not this time….I made sure I ate breakfast first, normally I would save my whole day points and just go to town eating pizza like it was my last supper. NOPE, I wasn’t starving and my mom brought salad, so I loaded up on salad BEFORE I even looked at the pizza and breadsticks. Mission Accomplished. I think I even gained some activity points by playing with my niece and nephew outside…funny, I don’t remember sweating as a child when “playing ring around the Rosie. SO LISTEN, here comes the preaching part.. WEIGHT WATCHERS WORKS! I’m living proof….You owe it to yourself to be honest and know that deep down inside you deserve to look in the mirror and love what you see! Hey, it won’t happen overnight, just look to the right on my “up or down”. Yeah, it’ll happen!! MUAH!


7 thoughts on “Right around the corner…

  1. I am not sure which part makes me happier; your three pound loss, that you were “eating like a normal person, enjoying life, living life, managed to track everyday and make healthy choices” which got you a three pound loss, or the fact that you acknowledge that WW works, it will take time, and that everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. You are an inspiration as always! What a great post! Congrats on your loss this week!!!


  2. Hi! I am new to wordpress and I am hoping to find some blogs to subscribe to/swap inspiration with.

    Your blog seems very good and I like your positive attitude. Congrats on the goal in sight!!!


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