Oh yeah baby!

San Francisco was great…I even had the 5.2lb. weight gain to prove it..but alas, I will have to rely on pictures now…..BECAUSE I lost 5.4lb last week! I battled my way through my birthday happy hour and Easter. I can’t describe this feeling, it wasn’t about the weight loss..it was about not quitting! In the past, how many of us have just said “forget it…I went up so much I’ll never lose the weight” and don’t go back the following week? NOT ME. I went on automatic pilot and NEVER forgot my goal. I still want my 10%!! I still want my Nikes! I still want to go shopping for a new wardrobe! I still want to be a size 8! I want a lot of things and this time I will conquer each one at a time. I’m thinking about jogging a lil this week and am at the point that I need to start lifting weights. Oh yeah baby! MUAH!


2 thoughts on “Oh yeah baby!

  1. You are exactly right! A gain of 5 lbs. may seem impossible but you knew what you had to do and you also knew it would come off and it would be worth it! You are inspiring as always! Congrats!


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