Things I’m looking forward to…

So as I sit here, after the gym and walking with a BFF in SD…. I begin to think about the clothes I’ll be able to wear when I reach goal. I remember when I had lost weight the first time, I was able to go into any store and just try anything on..and even better it always fit! But I still had one slight problem, I still went right for the same type of clothes I use to wear when I was really overweight..I only had a closet full of solids! You can ask ANY of my friends, I DO NOT have ANY STYLE! Really! I’ve never been able to just throw an outfit together. I don’t even know why I bother looking at fashion magazines. I’m looking forward to being smaller then I have EVER been, actually since middle school. The funny thing is….I have plenty of volunteers (friends) whom can’t wait to take me shopping. So I’m back on track and like the little train that could… I think I can, I think I can…oh heck I KNOW I CAN! Wednesday can’t come soon enough! MUAH!


One thought on “Things I’m looking forward to…

  1. I love it! You are going to be so happy when you reach your goal weight and keeping that in mind will help get you there. I think about shopping alot, too. I always say that I am not into shopping or fashion but I think that is because there isn’t much out there for plus sizes and every shopping trip is depressing. Not anymore. I think I will need to get a second job once I am able to shop in regular stores, it will be so amazing being able to just buy whatever I want!


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