Surprised? Not at all.

After much a ping-pong game going on in my head, I decided to step on the scale afterall. I gave myself every way out, but in the end I had to face the horrible music. I went up and like everything else in my life I went BIG! 5.2 lbs BIG!!! I knew it though. It was only 4 days and there are still 255 days left of the year. Funny, yesterdays meeting was about tracking… I do track and am successful at it….I just decided NOT to track during my mini-vacation. I’m already tracking and will have a loss next week. I tried on my 30lb goal tennis shoes at Niketown in SF…Nike Free…love them and can’t’s that for motivation! Husband said I should just get them now, but where’s the fun in that? I want to work for my shoes. I went to Trader Joes right after my meeting, spent about $100 on groceries so that I can be armed (and dangerous) with friendly Points Plus foods and won’t be tempted to eat out this weekend. Going to see Miguel tonight with my friends to celebrate my bday! No worries, I’ll be spending 20 points on him. I know how he plays. MUAH!


4 thoughts on “Surprised? Not at all.

  1. I am sorry you went up but am glad you are jumping right back into the good lifestyle. Tracking is important. It is amazing how much we eat when we are not honest with ourselves. Have a good week and a great Easter weekend. I am done with the Reese’s peanut butter eggs!!! Although, I did find some smaller ones that were a little better….weren’t they? Oh well….


  2. You have the right attitude on this gain. I am always tracking and when I was in New Orleans it was just hard. Eating out at restaurants where you can’t find nutrional info, drinking things where you can’t find points on. I tried but it seemed hopeless. So, I approached things the way you did and now that I am home I am back to tracking and back to the gym! You are very strong, too, to pass on the shoes- it will be worth so much more to earn them! Good luck!


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