No worries, okay, not true!

I LOST! Could you believe it, after eating the DRY cake! Super happy to announce that I am down 1.6 lbs! I am as pleasantly surprised as you are. Listen, I know I have the weekend-lies, but with what happened Tuesday, I was sure that I had eaten them all up and then some. I have BIG weekend coming, husband and I are headed to San Fran tomorrow til Monday. That’s 4 days of eating OUT for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After much contemplation, I told husband that I plan on working out at least 3 days. I put it like this, “Papa Bear while you are taking your daily nap, I’ll just head over to the 24 hr. Fitness for an hour.” Lucky for me, there’s one only a block away from our hotel. I figured I need to make sure that I come back happy from vacation than being full of regret from not taking care of myself, I even picked up a Tracker so I can write my points down. I know, we’ll be walking ALOT, but there’s just something about seeing a number of calories lost on treadmill that I’m addicted to. I have to be honest with you, I did have a passing thought of how much more I could have lost had Tuesday night NOT happen. There, done with that thought. I’m feeling good, even noticed I had a little more room in my (used to be tight) black pants. Raise those coffee mugs… here’s to us! I’ll touch base with you on Tuesday! MUAH!


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