before I start my day…

… I need to come clean. I had another out of body experience last night. Husband and I were over at my mother-in-laws house last night to celebrate April birthdays…my mother-in-law (suegra) makes the BEST Arroz Con Pollo (rice with chicken)… OMG the BEST! I had very intention to eat only the chicken, in fact, I prepared so well that I even worked out before I went over there. Well, after taking a shower I felt that I deserved a glass of wine..BIG MISTAKE, one glass turned into 2…then it was on! We had salad and I had one piece of chicken with a tiny bit of rice. So far so good, right? Then we sang happy birthday to all 3 of us and cut into the cake. I requested a small piece, however, I don’t know what happened, but I started to nibble on it more and more! Then my husband, who gave up desserts for Lent, joined me! There we were just picking at it….eating as we pleased, AND the cake was dry!!! WHY WHY WHY?? I had complete remorse afterwards, as did my husband, OR so I thought, because I noticed that the cake was practically gone in the morning. God forgives, right? Now I know we’ve all had times like this, but today is Wed, and that means I get weighed today. I’m hoping that relieving some of this guilty weight will help me at the scale. I even thought about not weighing in today just attend the meeting, but no, I will take my own medicine and like I tell others…”kiss last week goodbye”. THERE. MUAH!


4 thoughts on “before I start my day…

  1. Oh, I HATE days like that! I am nervous about Easter coming up and then a trip home for my brother’s wedding. It is so hard to be “good” while celebrating! Don’t look back, just forward. You will kick butt this week!


  2. I agree with Kathleen. It doesn’t matter if you ‘slip up’ every now and again, we are human- it’s going to happen. It is important that we accept what we have done, realize it is not a big deal, don’t feel guilty (one day will not ruin you, and get back into the swing of things. I am going on vacation next week and I am trying to mentally prepare myself for enjoying myself and not feeling guilty for the gain I will see the following week becasue once I am home, I will be back at it again and those pounds gained will come right off.


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