This or that!

I’ve managed to go out the past 2 nights and enjoy a drink or two..or three. Yes, I have allotted the points in my daily tracking HOWEVER, that was only for 2 drinks. I find myself having to exercise just to cancel the third drink out. Not to mention the headache one gets from drink 2 to drink 3. I even ate a few of my weeklies, or as my gf calls them, weekend-lies. So, here’s to Saturday (raise your coffee) and the new beginning of spending my points on food and an occasional drink. Husband and I have volunteered to babysit my niece and nephew tonight…no drinking being done there. Btw, in case you want to know what I’ve been spending my alcohol points on..gin and club soda, with lime (3pts), the club soda helps me feel full. Today is a new day! What does this world have in store for us? MUAH!


4 thoughts on “This or that!

  1. I know its only 12:40 but that gin and club soda sounds yummy…hehe. I definetly use my weekly points as weekend-lies too. Barely touch those or my activity points until the weekend. Then I go a little bit wild. Have fun babysitting!


  2. I agree- the weekly points for me always get used on the weekend! But I am ok with that. Hey, we all bust our butts during the week, it is nice to relax and celebrate the weekends. Glad you had fun!


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