Just another UP!

I started to feel sensitive (emotional) Monday and Tuesday (just ask my husband)…then I woke up Wed and was SUPER bloated. I even made a smart choice on Tuesday by hitting the treadmill and ate the seared ahi tuna (4pts). So Wednesday came, I had a thought, checked the post, It’s Gonna Happen on March 10. Yup my “Certain Auntie” was on her way…this morning to be exact. So what’s a .8lb gain? ABSOLUTELY nothing! I wasn’t upset, distraught or wanting to jump off a bridge…in fact, by looking at the size of my stomach, I knew I was going to either have twins or a gain. Remember I’m a size LARGE now! Progress doesn’t always come in a number… I’m learning to measure my progress by the compliments I receive. So If you see me on the streets give me one, well, at least until next weigh-in! 🙂 Okay, so in 7 weeks I’m down 14.8lbs..last time I checked, that was 2.11 a week! I’ll take it… MUAH!


8 thoughts on “Just another UP!

  1. Yes! You are exactly right, it’s not always about the number. First off, having your aunt visit always makes for a rough weigh-in, your bloatiness=water weight=ugh! Second, you have been rocking the Zumba and the treadmill so you are going to see more muscle less fat. You may be slimming down but not losing weight per se, but you are definitely losing fat! Third, I won’t get to physically see you in person so I am just going to say it here- You Look Great! I know this because you are feeling good about yourself and that translates. I am so happy for your and proud of you today! Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. 2 lbs a week is a healthy weight loss. It means you are doing it slowly and learning to live right! I am motivated by all your excercise activity! I had fallen off the excercise wagon and am crawling back on (kicking and screaming all the way). But, I just took a break and went for a walk now that the weather is warming up. I am looking forward to seeing you in person so I can tell you how super you look. Keep it up!


  3. Don’t we all hate ‘those’ weeks. I know what you mean. I can’t stop eating during my P-week, so I always have to be careful not to actually gain the following week. You’re doing great!!

    I won’t be there the next two weeks, but I’ll check your updates :). You’re doing great! Take care.



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