Shopaholic? Not yet!

I went shopping and I hate to shop! Husband and I were at the mall Sunday looking for some clothes for him for our weekend getaway to San Fran. I have to admit, I’m one of those rare people who has no desire to go shopping..EVER! However, as we were browsing through the mall when I saw New York and Co. decided to stop and browse. I found myself at the clearance rack.. found myself grabbing large and xlarge shirts to try on…found myself ONLY trying on the large…found my husband smiling at ME!! “Baby, you look great” YAY…I graduated to a LARGE! I ended up with 4 shirts and a pair of pants all for $56… yeah I’m a bargain shopper too, might as well be since you all know that once I hit goal I’m going on a shopping spree! I know I have a ways to go…I should start saving now..cuz I’m on FIRE! Went out to eat twice on Sunday..stayed within my points, but just in case… I still hit the treadmill for 45 minutes. I rocked Zumba last night too..SAMBA, anyone? Tomorrow is weigh-in for me, but you all knew that didn’t you? 😉 Just taking one day at a time, and you?….MUAH!!


2 thoughts on “Shopaholic? Not yet!

  1. That is so great! It’s always nice to hear someone tell you you are lookin good! Glad you for some fun new clothes. good luck in your weigh in tomorrow! I know you will kick butt! You are doing an incredible job! Thank you for being an inspiration to me and your other readers!


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