Unexpected outings…

Husband and I went out for our once a weekend outing…we tried this new place…it was a gastropub. I know very trendy. I looked ahead of time at the menu online and decided I would order the shellfish soup..YUMMY I counted it as 10 pts and then I had their lightest beer – 4pts. So I was doing good, went to visit my parents and had 13 pts left. Then the unexpected happened.. the family decided to go out AGAIN for dinner at a Mexican restaurant!! UGH! I thought I would be safe. So we went and I decided on a Modelo Especial – 3pts. and ordered the insides only of a lobster taco..thank God I don’t care for their chips..all in all I gave the meal 10 pts…granted I just had to have a couple sips of my lil bro’s margarita. 😉 I came home and tracked everything I ate..I’ve only used a couple of the weeklies. YAY!! Well, I will be jumping on the treadmill at lunch and ZUMBA tonight. You know, I really need to be okay with eating a few of my weeklies…I also have to remember that this is a LONG process..yet I have also decided that this is the last time I will be on Weight Watchers…why….because I will NEVER stop going, even when I reach lifetime. All we have is time, right? I have my red pants waiting for me to get into them. In fact, maybe I’ll just have to treat myself to a NEW wardrobe…for those of you whom know me…I’ll need help!! MUAH!


6 thoughts on “Unexpected outings…

  1. HI! I am new to WW but not new to dieting. I feel like unexpected outings can so easily sabotage your day. You did great though, you picked out something that you felt would work into your daily points allowance. Kudos! I know for me, planning really helps keep me on track but that I need to work on handling life’s unexpected events a little better, make smarter choices. Thanks for this post- it will definitely think back to it next time I am in this situation!


  2. Eating out is always the toughest, especially when drinks are involved! You did good. I love the way you are honest with yourself and track EVERYTHING you eat. Awareness is the key. One of the great things about WW is the fact that you really can have anything you want as long as you plan for it.


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