I’m not alone..

…I’ve been spending some time looking for other blogs whom are about Weight Watchers…WOW!! I’m really not alone in this..we all seem to have the same challenges. I did get an idea though..thinking I’ll post a picture of me EVERY week in my weigh-in clothes, so we can all see my progress. I’m still amazed when I see pictures of other people whom have lost alot of weight. I need to lose 50 lbs to become a leader. I learned alot last week about my weight gain. Alcohol plays a huge part…husband and I are going out tonight to see a band, but this time I will arm myself with 20 points to spend. I hope they serve vodka. I did a workout yesterday, I have the most amazing invention..EXERCISE ON DEMAND, if you have Time-Warner cable you probably have it too. I did the Kettle ball video with Jullian Michaels. You all need to try this… I use a dumbell..there’s a move where you just swing the dumbell through the middle of your legs and swing up to your chest…works every muscle in your body! Confession time, I weighed myself at home..it’s just that I was so bummed about my gain last week that I want to make sure I’m track this week…so far so good. I did find these new spinach and red pepper sausages at Costco – 3pts, delicious. I feel like I’m grocery shopping ever 5 days, mostly for fruit. Oh I took my mom to Zumba on Thursday, I just love her..she did great and I think she’ll be going back next week. My dad took a month off from WW, and he’s holding steady at his 115 lbs lost. MUAH!


4 thoughts on “I’m not alone..

  1. Stick with it. It sounds like you are doing a lot of the right things. Weight Watchers is the best. It will change your life because it teaches you how to live. I still use many of the things I learned nearly 20 years ago. I have maintained my weight and am very proud of you.


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