Compliments vs. 1.6lbs

UGH! 2 weeks ago, I went up 1.8, then last week lost 3.2 and today I went UP 1.6! I know what happened though…his name is Miguel and I will NOT be going to his restaurant for awhile, he’s been serving me wwwwwaaaayyy to many chips and cheese dip. I know I haven’t written in a week, hey, maybe that’s why I went up? I was in LA the last 2 days and 2 people said that I looked like I was losing weight. So okay maybe this week wasn’t a complete loss, I do feel good. HOWEVER, I am human and have that slight defeated feeling.. give up? no, not that severe, but it does hurt. The funny thing is, is that although I was tracking this week, it wasn’t the same. Something was missing, like I was just going through the motion. I had a few great Zumba classes, but I did go out 3 times and one of those times I had 3 Bud Lights. Do I smell a confession coming? YES! Also, split a bottle of red vino last night with my girlfriend. I’m really going to get back on track by tracking EVERYTHING. Hey, 2 up weeks beats 3 up weeks! MUAH!


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