a new decision…

…so I’m looking in the mirror this morning… my hair is a mess….I can’t do anything wih it…BAM! I think. What if I let my hair grow out until I reach my WW goal weight? Please hold the “your hair will be as long as Crystal Gayle jokes”. But really? Let’s just see… Okay, everything has been going great! I’ve been eating right, no alcohol, not like I’m joining AA or anything BUT it really does make a difference. We all know how I get..HUNGRY when we’ve been drinking…yes I remember the cheese fries last Sat night. I managed to only eat one meal out. I need to start eating different foods, I find myself eating the same foods everyday..what was the point of buying a WW cookbook? You know, greek yogurt, bananas, berries, egg beaters, sandwich thins and turkey meatballs. But why is eating healthy SO expensive? I find myself grocery shopping like twice a week. Going to a gf’s house tonight, here in LA, I better tell her that I gave up going out to eat before she gets it in her head that WE should go to Happy Hour. Hey, tomorrow is another BIG day!! MUAH!


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