Didn’t feel like it today.

Did you ever have that feeling like something was missing from your day? Nothing bad, just feeling like I was in a rut. My monthly visitor arrived this morning..and you all know how that is..sorry if you’re a guy reading this. I had every intention of going to Zumba today, but with my cramps, it wasn’t going to happen. I even put my socks on at lunch thinking that i would go to the gym, no such luck. I usually get this way ONCE a month. THANK GOD!! Okay, on to other things, I gave up going out to eat for lunch or dinner while working in LA….sorry my LA friends. I ate well today, even enjoyed a glass of red wine (4pts). Going for a walk in the am and if I feel up to it, ZUMBA at night. Of course, I might visit one of my girlfriends. Wine can sway me. Friday is a new day…a new day to move my body…MUAH!


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