It’s gonna happen…

…yes, I thought of all the excuses in the world..yup, look to the right..I went UP 1.8 lbs. My first thought, a certain Auntie is coming to visit. So yes, I am and still bloated today. Second thought, I had sushi for lunch yesterday and salmon for dinner. Third thought… SUCK IT UP! I had to put my big girl panties on and take the gain like a real woman. The reality…I know this is going to happen once and awhile and won’t be getting in the boxing ring with myself anytime soon. Overall, I had a great week..I did track, but alas, it’s going to happen. MOVE ON. Not the end of the world and if you read my first posts, I had no problems putting on weight by eating ice cream. Remember what I wrote yesterday… I felt great, thinner and that’s a feeling I need to hold onto. “So What? I’m not a Rock Star” I expected to lose EVERY week? I can see that this will be a slow process..don’t know about you, but I have all the time in the world..I’m not going anywhere..are you? MUAH!!


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