Zumba, anyone?

I know you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about Zumba, BUT it really is the best thing to come into my life. I did Zumba last night and you know, I kinda feel lighter today. Zumba is for EVERYONE! This type of workout really lets you bring out your SASSY side. I come out of there feeling sexy and walking a little taller, okay, yeah all 5’6″ of me, but still. I’m even getting my mom to try it at a Senior center. Cross your fingers for her, I hope she goes. As far as eating goes, doing great! Packed my breakfast this morning, Chobani and a banana, and working out after work with my Culver City BFF. I want to stay on track..so I told her no vino tonight. THAT IS A FIRST! I also told my husband that I have a goal…when I lose 15lbs from today I want to treat myself to a pair of red and black Nikes. This is a change because normally I would reward myself with going to a nice restaurant. Ah, those were the days. How do you reward yourself when you’ve done good? I’m looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow! And dare I say working out tonight! MUAH!


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