Hey, WW really works!

First off… I got to my meeting about 30 minutes early, I tried EVERYTHING to go to the bathroom before weigh-in, I even went for a little walk to try to stir things up. Now, now, how many of us have tried the same thing? I don’t know why, but I was kinda nervous about getting on the scale tonight. I began to pace, then it TOTALLY hit me..I need to trust that if I track and keep within my points, then the weight will come off. DUH! I preach this, yet I was doubting myself. I did the work and you know what…look to the right under Week 2…I lost 2.8lbs and I didn’t even workout once! Yup, that is a total of 11.6 lbs in 2 weeks. I can’t wait til this week, I have a couple of challenges this week that I will take head-on. Going out to Happy Hour tomorrow and dinner on Saturday night. So, I’ve learned from last week to be prepared by already knowing what I will be eating and most importantly, drinking. I know I’m going to a Mexican restaurant; 2 vodka sodas, 13 chips, and ceviche….. 13pts. Knowing me, I’ll make sure that I have 20pts left for dinner. PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE!! Saturday dinner, I’ll suggest sushi (love Seaweed Salad) Well, tomorrow is a new day..can’t wait to eat my 31pts..bet you can’t either! Oh, BTW, I don’t post EVERY single posting to Facebook, so feel free to subscribe to my blog, then you’ll get an email every time I post. MUAH!


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