Out of body experience…

…did you ever go to a restaurant and wonder who was that eating like that? Yeah, me too! I went out to dinner at a mexican restaurant…I swear those chips get me everytime. It’s like my hand goes on automatic pilot and reaches for the chips…BOTH BASKETS!!! Yup, husband, my dad and I were together, just finished the first basket when the waiter came by and asked if we wanted another… AND I was the one to answer “yes”! Who said that? I know I had quite a few chips, but really I’m counting 9 pts. I can’t imagine that I had more that 39 chips. I did offset the chips by ordering 2 lobsters tacos and I left the tortilla on one and only had water, no sangria this time. Okay now that I think of it…I didn’t do that bad (with a pat on my back). Overall, had a great weekend, still wasn’t up to working out though, coughing alot. I haven’t been getting dressed lately because I’ve been sick, but I did put my jeans on today and they fit a little better. You all know what I’m talking about…made me want to wash them and try them on again… and again. Only 2 more days til weigh-in and I AM NOT MISSING ZUMBA tomorrow! MUAH!


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