I thought you’re suppose to lose your appetite when you’re sick?? I’m still waiting for that to happen. Went home sick on Wednesday and have been napping on and off since then. I lost my voice on Thursday…pretty sure my husband was happy about that. I can’t really taste food right now, but that hasn’t stopped me from eating my points. Yup, I’m still trying to fit in all my points, is that bad? I haven’t even exercised! Maybe I’ll try for tomorrow, at least yoga. I BETTER be better by Monday..ZUMBA! I’m looking forward to eating in all weekend, it feels good to finally be in control of what I’m eating. I must say I’m eating alot throughout the day like 6 times..small meals, though. It does cost to eat healthy, isn’t that like an oxy-moron? I love fruits and veggies, but am going through them fast. Shouldn’t it cost less to eat better? I must say..I found the most incredible rice ar Trader Joes, Harvest Grains Blends (4pts) YUMMY, husband even loves it! MUAH!


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