One more day…

…and I can see my one weeks worth of hard work pay off! I’m feeling good right now and even if the scale goes down just one pound, I’ll be okay. YEAH RIGHT!! That scale better go down at least 2 lbs! I’ve been working hard and tracking everything that goes in my mouth. It really hasn’t been that hard to track either. I do need to get more exercise in though. Oh, speaking of exercise…OMG!! Zumba was CRAZY last night, it was a full-house, there was a sub instructor and he was intense! Yup, Yup, shaking that fat off me. Oh yes, I almost forgot, the Mexican casserole last night, I took a bite and watched husband take a bite, we both looked at each other and laughed. It was GROSS! I got up and poured the whole thing down the garbage disposal. I think it was the organic brown rice. I ended up eating a shrimp salad (6pts) instead. My husband gave me an A for effort. I had Chobani greek yogurt (3pts) with a banana and blueberries…yummy! Sushi for lunch, and my friend is making me a 7 points dinner. Speaking of friends, I have a couple of friends whom are on Weight Watchers, it’s great because I can stay with them when I’m out of town, and make a WW meal. I also spoke to another friend and she’s starting WW tomorrow. Yup, I’m going to recruit everyone… be on the lookout, you may be next! I think it’s helpful to have friends whom are doing the same thing. We can check in with each other and motivate each other. I mean really, I gained weight eating with my friends, might as well lose weight with them too! I need to be accountable to people. Don’t you feel better when you have cheerleaders on your side? Put me in a cheerleaders outfit and I’ll cheer YOU on! Okay so tomorrow..should I just starve ALL DAY until I get weighed? BTW, I’m going to change in to my official WW weigh-in outfit. I have to confess though, last week when I started WW, I was wearing jeans and boots. So, I trick myself into thinking that I lost more weight than I actually will. SHHH, don’t tell on me! As husband says “that’s trickery”. Until tomorrow…MUAH!


One thought on “One more day…

  1. LOL Doesn’t everyone have a special initial weigh in outfit? 🙂 It’ll be nice to get back on a program eventually…just not sure when yet. My labor/delivery was awful last time but everyone is saying that this time will be much easier so hopefully, it won’t be too long! Good luck tomorrow….can’t wait for the results!!


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