Survived the weekend!

Yup! Usually, husband and I go out to eat every single meal, BUT not this past weekend. We went to Fresh and Easy, Costco and Trader Joe’s, spent about $200, however, we can easily (and have) spend $300 PER WEEKEND. Now, we have enough groceries for at least 2 weeks, which means we (I) will have money for me to go shopping when I hit goal. All part of my master plan. I have been known to add extra charges to the bill in alcohol, not anymore, going back to vino and at 4 pts per glass only having one per night. I can hear my friends saying “yeah right”, it’s true. BTW, I am changing my whole thought process, fruits for when I’m hungry and Skinny Cow ice cream (4pts) for dessert. I’m going to prepare myself for the next 2 days. I’m out of town every Tuesday and Wednesday for work. This week, I’ll bring my own breakfast and arm myself with bananas and cuties for snacks. Weigh-in is Wed, so, probably won’t be eating too much during the day. As for tonight, new recipe Mexican Casserole (8pts) looks yummy, I’ll let you know how it tastes tomorrow. ZUMBA tonight. Wonder is I’ll be able to jump higher this time? I mean it has been 10 days since my last class and I’m on Weight Watchers! Oh before I go , you have to try these great Trader Joe’s meals, Channa Masala was only 5 pts. Indian Party in my mouth! MUAH!


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