Ran into a “one of me”…

Is Weight Watchers a cult? The funniest thing happened today…was at Trader Joe’s picking up some things for this new recipe I want to try..then low and behold I literally ran into another lady, WHO HAD THE SAME RECIPE AS I DID!! Yup, we had this unspoken, yet understood lingo…”OMG, where do you go for your meetings?” Then lookout frozen section because we started chit-chatting about all the other things we eat on Weight Watchers. We busted out our calculators and started doing our thang! I think I even gave her a hug! Yeah, underground sisterhood is all around us, who needs the Masons. Had a great 2 days. I’ve had NO desire to workout at all..this usually happens the first week for me. I figure okay working on the food and eventually I’ll stall, then hit the gym. RIGHT? WRONG! I’ve just been busy. Hung out with some friends on Friday AND I volunteered to bring the dessert (angel food cake, fresh strawberries and fat-free cool whip) and of course, I wouldn’t be at a get together without some vino. Had more than enough points at the end of the night, felt great! I attempted to spin this morning, but the class was full 😦 oh well. I made the most delicious meal tonight, spinach cannelloni…yup, sauce, cheese and I even boiled pasta. Husband loved it too, except he said that it needed more sauce. BTW, I finally got to see my nephew, who I mentioned in my Reflection Day entry. You know, I was thinking today about how I’ve been really diligent about tracking and know that this is a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG process, a process that is never-ending… and you know what? I’M OKAY WITH THAT! MUAH!


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