Found the right onramp…

…after detouring from Weight Watchers for 2 years, it sure felt good to have a banana and grapefruit today. When I got engaged, I did the stupidest thing I have ever done in my life… I bought my wedding dress a size smaller. Yeah, I had whole year to get in to it, but like everything else, I procrastinated and decided that I could lose the 10 lbs in one month..I did and gained it back plus some in 4 months. I had experimented with Belly Fat Cure, FastTrack BFC, and eventually just drank protein shakes. While I was doing the BFC I learned that fruit had way too much sugar, so I hadn’t eaten ANY fruit in one whole year. OMG! Bring on the zero points fruit!! Even Bananas! Had a great day today, oatmeal with banana, grapefruit, Half Thai chicken salad, black bean soup, chicken breast with tomato sauce, red potatoes and to top it all off… A Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. WOW, I had ice cream too? Of course it isn’t Baskin Robbins, BUT it did taste yummy! Do you ever feel like you’re eating alot of food, yet all healthy and you’re SUPPOSE to eat that much? I had such a great time calculating my food that I’m already looking forward to eating (and tracking) tomorrow! Just taking one meal at a time. I thought about working out today… but it was just a passing thought. I won’t think about that today, I’ll think about the tomorrow. Feeling good, I might take on Jillian Michaels workout. Let’s see I have 4 points left…ohhh….a glass of red vino! Day 1 down….MUAH!!


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