I did it!

I found my NEW home on Wednesday nights!! I woke up today with a little pep in my step anxiously awaiting for 6pm to arrive, like I was about to be born again! All day I was singing (in my head and to food), so long, farewell…I hate to say goodbye.. you know the rest. I sat there filling out the registration form…OKAY how many of us can fill this form out with our eyes closed? ME ME!! YUP!! Okay just so you all know..I won’t be posting how much I weighed, BUT I promise to post pounds lost and God forbid if I go up a week, I will post that too! We are all human and like anything else I accept setbacks!Anyways, this time I felt like I was going to be on WW for life this time…I have a different outlook and won’t expect fast results..slow and steady! Even when I got weighed…WOW…makes you think…did I really put all that weight on? How? When? Oh I can tell you, MEXICAN RESTAURANTS! I joined the group and wanted to raise my hand and comment on everything the leader was talking about, but felt that I should wait til next week. Don’t want the group to think that I know everything. As I driving home, I thought what am I going to eat for dinner? Should I just go for it and have one last meal? Nope, went to Jack in the Box and ordered chicken strips…can you say GRILLED? WOW one meeting and I’m already changing! MUAH!


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