One more day!

Til what? Am I starting AA? NA? OA? Am I DOA? No, no, no, I’ll be starting WW TOMORROW!! Finally, just gave into my last temptation here at work.. sweet bread. The end, no more, no mas! Have you ever felt bloated to where you just want to wear the biggest sweater you have to cover up..then you know how I feel right now. I’m really looking forward to this NEW chapter in my life and ready to distant myself from the OLD me, not that there is anything wrong with me just ready to get healthy!! BLAH BLAH BLAH…that sounds great in Pollyana world, but I WANT TO SEE THAT NUMBER GO DOWN! New motto – number goes down, spirit goes up! I’ve thought about it and made the decision to post my weekly weigh-ins on the side. Whether I go up or down, just need to keep me motivated. Hopefully, we can all be motivated.. you hear me! MUAH!


3 thoughts on “One more day!

  1. Ok girl! I am ready to start tomorrow too…birthday cake for my little one tonight and treadmill and eggwhites tomorrow. I will be saying goodbye to the love of my life tomorrow for the zillionth time(food)! Why are breakups so hard and excuses so many???


  2. Hola Latina Girl!

    Saw your man yesterday AM and he told me that he was taking you out for VDay. You are newlyweds after all! We had a simple meal at home with Charlito. 🙂 So my question is, what made you decide to go back to WW rather than do the Jorge thing? I did love WW due to the support I got…so much more than Jorge. And I did read that you want to become a leader and you can’t do that losing weight on Jorge. (not that we were losing much!) LOL Only 3 more weeks til the baby arrives!


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