The longest goodbye…

…..yup! How many times do I need to say goodbye to Baskin Robbins? Husband and I were at church today when I could read his face, he wanted his nightly ice cream. Ok I said, but please, this is the last time! I asked him to be supportive of me and that I would gladly accompany him when he wanted to go for ice cream, but not to ask me to have some too! We did go out for every meal this weekend and all I could think of was how much money we spend eating out. I will be rewarding myself for starting Weight Watchers with a brand new cookbook, because I do plan on cooking every night. Okay, we could go out once a week, but that’s it! You ever get that feeling of being SO full that you feel like your pants are going to burst? Do skinny people have the same problems? It’s weird because after I lost weight the first time, I didn’t realize that I was overweight UNTIL the pounds started to creep back on. I know..strange!
I’ll probably write more tomorrow…husband is making sounds of discontent because he wants me to watch a movie with him. Oh BTW, The Fighter is an excellent movie! How did Cristian Bale lose so much weight? Could it also be on WW? MUAH!


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