Okay, watching Jennifer Hudson’s interview with Oprah…can’t understand why she can’t say how many pounds she lost??? Okay there she just said it, she has lost 80 pounds!! WOW!! We all know that we live by a scale, not a feeling, yes it feels great, but the real pay off is seeing that number go down. I lost 70 lbs about 14 years ago and 30 lbs have slowly found their way back on my body! It has taken a long time…but NOW I’m determined to start Weight Watchers for the last time. My goal—-to become a WW LEADER. I am so determined that I’m going to attend meetings at a new center. I am hoping that once I reach my goal, I can become a leader at that center. BTW, husband and I went out to dinner last night..I can’t wait til I buy the new WW cookbook and start cooking….did I just say that? OUT LOUD? My first step is to un-subscribe to all the other diet websites that I’ve been subscribing to, looking for the quick fix. I know about quick fixes… in fact, I lost about 10 lbs right before I got married. Yup, 2 protein shakes, almonds and one meal a day will do it. BUT then…..husband and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon!! Let’s just say that I haven’t stopped celebrating. So, back to being re-inspired….ME!! We can all look at others to inspire us, but in reality, it is up to me. So yes folks we all have it in us we just need to start our engines…. Zumba tonight!! MUAH!


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